Courtney Santos is a Writing Specialist at the Center for Excellence in Writing & Communication and a Scholarship Advisor for the Scholarship Opportunities Program in the Division of Undergraduate Education at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). She also lectured in the University Studies “International Edge” summer program for new international students in summer 2014 – 2016. She has rented in Irvine for most of the past decade while working at UCI in progressively responsible roles.

An Orange County native, Courtney attended Brea-Olinda High School. As a first-generation college student, she attended community college in Riverside County, where she served as a peer tutor at their Writing and Reading Center. She was a junior transfer into the English major at UCI, an intern at the International Center for Writing and Translation and a work-study assistant at the Dean’s Office, School of Humanities.

After graduating UCI with magna cum laude honors, Courtney entered the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program in Creative Writing & Writing for the Performing Arts at the University of California, Riverside, specializing in fiction and poetry, and wrote a set of short stories for the thesis project, as well as serving as a teaching assistant and as historian for the MFA program’s literary magazine.

Courtney returned to UCI in 2006, joining the Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics (LFD) in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and acquiring skills in research administration, grant writing, and coordination of events and workshops. She studied for the Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language at UC Irvine Extension in the evenings to better help her international colleagues gain fluency and confidence.

In 2010, Courtney began working at the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub (DML Hub) at UC Humanities Research Institute, supporting the Connected Learning Research Network and the annual Digital Media and Learning Conference with event-planning, grant writing, and budget planning and tracking for approximately 9 million dollars in funding.

In her spare time, Courtney attends Mariners Church in Irvine, blogs recipes for food allergies, and participates in political activism through Facebook groups and in-person demonstrations, such as peace rallies and Occupy events. She is also an avid hiker and gardener and a lifelong public transit user.

She lives in a studio apartment in the beautiful neighborhood of WestPark, near City Hall, and co-parents a 17-year-old dog with her mom, who also lives in Irvine.

CONTACT: santos.for.irvine (at) gmail.com

© Courtney Santos, 2016

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