“I realized that there was a growing distinction between policy… and the consent of the governed. Consent is only meaningful if it’s informed.” – Edward Snowden

One of the most crucial aspects of good governance is accountability to the citizens. The public trust is earned through good decision-making, checks-and-balances on government power, and transparency. I will work to improve accountability where our track record has been questionable, including the following areas of concern:

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Stand against wasteful spending, such as $10,000 “In God We Trust” and “E Pluribus Unum” signs for the council chamber
  • Keep a close watch on the Great Park and prevent it from becoming more of a boondoggle than a boon (!)


  • Test Portola Hills High School site for hazardous substances and put the rumors (if they are false) to rest
  • Maintain the one-third of Irvine’s land area already set aside for preservation through public-private cooperation
  • Encourage urban agriculture and advocate for increased community garden acreage
  • Emphasize energy efficiency, renewable energy, zero waste, water conservation and drought-tolerant native landscaping on all public sites


  • Keep Irvine walkable (and bike-able!)
  • Improve access to mass transit options in keeping with our growth
  • Engage employers and apartment complexes to create incentive programs for transit riders and increase awareness of transit options
  • Implement smart-responsive traffic light technology for better traffic flow
  • Prepare our city for autonomous vehicles

Animal Shelter

  • Ensure adequate staffing and humane treatment

Public Safety / Police

  • Support requiring body cameras
  • Establish a citizen advisory board


  • Ensure fair and competitive bidding process for city contracts
  • Discourage cozy relationships and favoritism between city leaders and private interests
  • Stand on principle that all Irvine residents should have equal access to government and a voice in its affairs, whether renter or buyer, business owner or indigent, young or old, etc.

As a matter of personal integrity, I will self-fund and accept no monetary contributions to my campaign. Instead, I hope that you will tell your friends and neighbors about me and encourage them to learn more about my values and our shared dreams for this wonderful city.