Civil Liberties

“As for civil liberties, anyone who is not vigiliant may one day find himself living, if not in a police state, at least in a police city.” -Gore Vidal

We must defend our individual freedoms vigorously against government overreach. Recently, I have been alarmed by city government intrusions into our privacy and basic rights such as freedom of speech. I will be a voice for those concerned about key issues of personal liberty, such as:

Medical marijuana

In January, the City Council quickly moved to block access to medical marijuana for patients in our city. The proposal appeared quickly in advance of state licensing law updates; unfortunately, no one appeared to make public comment and speak for our patient population. I will support legalizing dispensaries and delivery operations in our city so that patients can easily access necessary treatments authorized by their doctors and obtain them by legal means.

Freedom of speech

The Planning Commission is threatening to force Tilly’s to remove its Zio Ziegler mural this year. Tilly’s has the right to free speech and to display artwork on its own property, and we must stand with them.

Privacy and surveillance

How are city-owned video camera feeds stored, viewed, shared and/or used? I aim to find out and ensure that our privacy is respected to the maximum extent possible and our data safeguarded appropriately.